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Friday, May 14, 2004
The Berg mystery. The whole Nick Berg story stinks, and not just the grisly images that have been so strangely promoted by the mainstream media.

What exactly was he doing there that was so mysterious? Photographing Abu Ghraib? (
Wearing a large tool belt and using metal grippers and rope, Berg began climbing transmission towers, taking photographs of structural damage that he would later show to prospective clients [for his services in installing, inspecting and repairing telecommunications and utility towers]. The work, which was itself dangerous, took him to hostile areas.

Once, he climbed a tower in Abu Ghraib, an impoverished western suburb of Baghdad infamous as the site of Iraq's largest prison. A local farmer became enraged, thinking that Berg was trying to steal parts of the already damaged structure.
What could you see from that tower?

There are mysteries aplenty. From a reader's email:
I am starting to think Berg was a Mossad agent. Let's see, you're a 26 year old Jewish guy and you show up in a country whose inhabitants hate Jews. You are there completely alone with no safety net and no one watching your back? Makes sense to me. Could he have been installing listening devices in those radio towers he was working on. There is a whole prison full of Iraqis being broken while while waiting to be interrogated and the FBI is questioning a Jewish guy from Philadelphia? Why is his body coming home though Dover, the place reserved for military bodies? Will his coffin be draped in an American flag? Will the press be allowed to photograph his coffin? It doesn't conform with the DOD restrictions for that sort of thing.
Why is his body coming home through Dover?

But, wait, there's more.

Xymphora points out a report that claims "Berg, who was Jewish, had written materials which were “anti-Semitic” in tone."

But there are several other details that simply don't jive with the official story. Why was Berg in a US Guantanamo-style orange jumpsuit? Why are the five masked men so fat, when all the naked Iraqis we've seen recently are so thin? Why are their hands so darn white?

It's obvious that the story has tremendous pro-Bush regime propaganda value. That's why it's looking more and more like a fraud, a distraction, and a lie.

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