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Thursday, April 22, 2004
The paranoia of plutocracy. The rich are different, when they are guilty. They are insane (
Houston Chronicle):
The government said [former Enron CEO Jeff] Skilling and his wife, Rebecca Carter, had drinks at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, where they were staying on the night of April 8.

Around midnight, they went with two men to a cigar bar called Bar & Books on the Upper East Side, where Skilling was at first friendly to a married couple and their friend who sat nearby.

They had several rounds of drinks and Skilling invited them to visit his River Oaks home, even saying he "would fly them down to Houston and provide them with their own maid," according to the report.

Skilling picked up a $171 bar tab for the group and they continued drinking with others reciprocating, the government said.

But Skilling turned hostile after several hours of drinking, falsely accusing several patrons of being FBI agents, the report said, and accusing them of using someone "as a decoy to lure (him) into lowering his guard."

The government reports that around 3:30 a.m., the bar manager asked Skilling and his party to leave. Outside, Skilling tried to forcibly remove the front license plate of a car parked near the bar to "gather `proof' " about the identity of the people he thought were agents, the prosecutors said.

The report says that when a woman started to get into that car, Skilling tried to stop her and attempted to lift her blouse, claiming he was looking for a wire. Another patron pushed Skilling away from the woman and a scuffle ensued.

One patron's nose was cut and Skilling grabbed his wife, who was using a crutch because of a foot ailment, knocking her over. The motion said that while he was at the hospital, Skilling admitted it was he who inadvertently toppled his wife.

Several people called 911. When police arrived, they found Skilling's wife sitting in the street. Skilling, who had chased the people he scuffled with, was stopped a block away.

A police report from that night indicates Skilling was "irrational and highly uncooperative" and "possibly suffering from paranoid delusions," accusing people of being "FBI agents stalking him," according to the document.

"At one point, Skilling went to middle of the street, put his hands behind his back and began talking to the sky, asking if FBI cameras were capturing what was happening," the government papers say.

Police sent Skilling in an ambulance to a hospital, along with his wife.

At the hospital the morning of April 9, Skilling's blood alcohol level was 0.19 -- nearly twice the legal driving limit of .10 in many states, the government report notes.

Prosecutors say Skilling's later accounts of the events, as told through his lawyers, were incorrect, showing he was not willing to be truthful even when sober.

Skilling's lawyers previously told reporters that Skilling and his wife were attacked by two men who knocked her down and rendered her unconscious.
It's indicative of Skilling's egomania that the FBI would monitor him when they can't even monitor Saudi Arabians in flight schools.

Half the cells in our federal prisons are filled with drug offenders, while this idiot is free to cover a $171 bar tab, fly strangers to Houston and even "provide them with their own maid," which sure sounds like a coded offer to me.

Enron was of course one of the most generous and visible supporters of Bush-Cheney 2000. The thieving, hateful, paranoid Jeff Skilling is the sort of person who profits when a fellow thief is in power.

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