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Friday, July 11, 2003
Abstinence: the newest form of greed. "No sex, please, we're American," may be the motto of the newest gimme-gimme hypocrite — the "abstinence consultant." In Las Vegas Weekly, Richard Abowitz's pleas for rationality fall on deaf ears as
abstinence activists invade Sin City:
I tell one of the protesters about a study done in a Nevada brothel showing just how surprisingly effective condoms can be at preventing disease transmission when handled by users as expert as hookers. She informs me that I am mistaken, and then has a reverie about filing product-liability suits against condom manufactures on behalf of pregnant and STD-ravaged teens led astray by school nurses and left-wing sex-ed teachers.

It is worth pointing out that abstinence advocates are now themselves reaching out for public dollars from a friendly Bush administration. "There are federal dollars for abstinence right here in Nevada," [president and founder of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, Leslee] Unruh told me.
Despite having brains small enough to fit inside a condom, Unruh and her cross-legged comrades have open arms when it comes to the public till. The smell of federal money is so much sexier to them than any human pheromones — their libidos consist entirely of greed.

This great article from the Washington Post a couple weeks ago on born-again virgins is well worth your time.

And then there's always the abstinence greed of Christian felon Chuck Colson, no stranger to fraud in the White House.

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