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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
More right wing homo panic. The message below comes from an email sent to me by the American Family Association, whose mailing list I got onto when I complained about their misunderstanding of the subtleties of South Park's satire, a message that was totally lost on them:
YWCA hires lesbian feminist as leader

"We fear the focus will now become homosexual indoctrination among young girls." — Don Wildmon

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) has just hired Patricia Ireland to become the chief executive officer of the girl's organization. Ireland is the former leader of the
National Organization for Women (NOW), a radical feminist group that is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.

Patricia Ireland is also an admitted bisexual who has had a husband living in Florida and a female homosexual "partner" in Washington, DC. In her biography, What Women Want, she wrote: "I have a husband, and he is very important in my life. I also have a companion, and she is very important in my life, too."

"We fear the focus will now become homosexual indoctrination among young girls," says Don Wildmom, Chairman of American Family Association (AFA). "Ireland has a long history of promoting a radical agenda and will not hesitate to incorporate her left-wing values into the mission."

Wildmon says the YWCA made a concious decision in hiring Ireland and wants parents to be aware of the organization's dangerous direction. "Lesbianism, cross-dressing, and abortion are all part of Ireland's history. It will soon become YWCA's present."
The email goes on to suggest a three-point plan of action:
1. Refuse to support the YWCA organization. The dangers presented to young girls, by far, overshadow any positive public image the group may project.

2. Most local United Way programs help fund the YWCA. Make United Way donations exempt from going to the YWCA.

3. Send a letter to YWCA, letting them know you oppose Patricia Ireland as their leader.
The neo-McCarthyites persist even in the face of being called as much, according to this Christianized "news" report:
YWCA stands for "Young Women's Christian Association," and those words are inconsistent with the new president of the group, according to Andrea Lafferty lafferty
Andrea Lafferty:
"I hate you"
of the Traditional Values Coalition. Lafferty insists that Ireland, who was a self-proclaimed bisexual and formerly head of the radical feminist group, National Organization for Women, should not be in charge at the YWCA.

"She is none of the above. She's not young ... and she's not a Christian," she said. Lafferty noted that, in an appearance on the popular FOX News channel show The O'Reilly Factor, Ireland would not answer host Bill O'Reilly's specific questions concerning whether or not she was a Christian. "She wouldn't respond and called that 'McCarthyism,'" Lafferty said.
Andrea Lafferty is a full-blown fanatical bigot nutcase, as witnessed by her attack on NPR, her attack on Rosie O'Donnell, her attack on Britney Spears, and her attack on Democratic senators filibustering the judicial nominations of ideologues Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen. With a tolerance level of zero for anyone she disagrees with, she embodies the lockstep hatred and anti-freedom of the New Right.

When the YWCA — a Christian organization — is targeted by the right wing's cultural revolutionaries, it's Cannibal Time at the Trough of Greed. Circuits are shorting, sparks are flying, and the whole ugly machine is going haywire.

How sad and immature these people are, because sexual topics never lose currency with them. Their president can be an ex-drunk AWOL deserter, his married brother can ditch his wife and family for the former First Lady's assistant, and their morality czar can rack up $8 million in losses at the slots in Vegas, and still their focus remains on the private and often imagined sex lives of qualified and responsible adults.

In the third paragraph, despite the fact that the AFA's Fearless Leader's name is Wildmon, the typo "Wildmom" was in the original email — a Freudian slip, no doubt.

Check out the great, inclusive, all-American organization National Organization for Women (NOW), as well as their presidential site The Truth about George W. Bush, a compendium of facts about a very destructive person.

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